Heartbound Ministries
When I was in prison, you visited me

Representing Heartbound Ministries, the Reverend Big James Henderson visits and gives motivational speeches to prisoners in the Georgia Department of Corrections. His upcoming schedule includes; Sumter County Correctional Institution in Americus, Baldwin State Prison in Hardwick, Ware State Prison and Ware State Prison Annex in Waycross, the Augusta and Macon Youth Development Centers, the Sandersville Regional Youth Development Center, and Hancock State Prison in Sparta.

Due to budget cuts, Georgia's mostly part-time prison chaplains are severely limited in their capacity to make a meaningful difference. Heartbound Ministries has made a notable effort to reach out to inmates that are searching to participate in faith-based programs. A study by Barna Research revealed that around 75% of all prisoners will return to prison, but a significant decrease of around 15% is shown for prisoners that study the Word of God.

I just wanted to write and THANK YOU for spending time with the boys at our facility. They were very excited to see you and you had them enthralled! You got through to them in a way staff here can not. Your demonstrations, humor, and presence was something they will not forget!
Cynthia Jacobs, MS, CRC, LPC Director of Family Services

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Rev. Henderson. The whole population here is overwhelmed with joy as a result of his message. The atmosphere here is already undergoing a positive change. This is truly a man of God.
Jimmy Colson, Warden, Sumter County Prison