Mission statement

My power can be limited, but the power of God cannot.

Big James Henderson is dedicated to encouraging and energizing people to excel towards God and reach their greater potential. We all have the ability to excel in various God-given talents, and it is the focus of Mr. Henderson to motivate God's people to immediate and lasting action towards service.

Big James Henderson engages those living outside His law of love and influences them to turn away from carnal fancies in favor of the greater eternal life that awaits them with their creator. God alone calls people to Him, but He has asked us, his called out people, to make a personal effort to nourish the minds of unbelievers. Big James encourages people to experience sincere repentance and commit to effective service.

God has impressed upon Big James Henderson to positively move the lives of people who hold little hope in their lives. It is the mission of Big James to break down barriers to preach Christ and how His death on the cross purchases forgiveness and makes possible the gift of eternal life. He shares with everyone a superior joy and ultimate satisfaction that comes from following Godís way of life.


From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Rev. Henderson. The whole population here is overwhelmed with joy as a result of his message. The atmosphere here is already undergoing a positive change. This is truly a man of God.
Jimmy Colson, Warden, Sumter County Prison