Who is Big James Henderson?
James Henderson Ministries

Mr. Henderson is the founder and president of James Henderson Ministries, which was established to reach out to men, women, and children in spiritual need. In recent years, Mr. Henderson has served as a keynote and/or motivational speaker for various Christian seminars, workshops, rallies and spiritual gatherings throughout the world, and has worked closely with numerous organizations such as Kids at Risk, Kids for Tomorrow, The Power Team, Stand Ministries, Celebrate Kids and The Power of Choice. These organizations help in the development of today's youth and their families. James is also a representative and spokesperson for World Vision. Since 2003, James has traveled throughout the state of Georgia ministering to the prisoners for Heartbound Ministries.
Accomplishments, Honors & Awards

Big James Henderson, blessed with the strength of a Biblical Samson, is a remarkable powerlifting champion, and is the only man ever to bench press more than 700 pounds without the aid of special lifting suits or drugs. As a representative for the United States, he holds bench-press records and honors in every national and international powerlifting federation, and is currently a five-time world champion in the bench press. Mr. Henderson has been recognized for his community outreach in Florida, and is the recipient of the prestigious 2000 Influence Award, a national honor given for outstanding services to one's community. Big James Henderson hosts the annual "Night of Champions" sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Mr. Henderson holds a bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in theology and sociology from Mercer University in Georgia. He serves as a consultant and a powerful motivational speaker. He was a member of The Power Team - an international evangelistic group of athletes who minister to men, women and children worldwide. The group - the world’s leading school-assembly motivational team – ministers through crusades and rallies, leading thousands of the people to salvation each year. Also, he has appeared on the weekly TBN program “The Power Connection”, he made a special appearance on the “Walker Texas Ranger” show, and he co-hosts a monthly Christian talk show on WMCU called “Winning is not Everything”.